Damaged Control / Minstay Shampoo Bar

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Damage Control / Mintasy 110g

Solid shampoo for normal to dry hair

The original, this was our very first shampoo bar and a crowd favourite. Mintasy (previously Damage Control) is for those of you with normal-dry, maybe slightly damaged hair. Maybe you straighten a couple of times a week, maybe you go swimming pretty often, or maybe your hair just needs a little TLC.

We pair coconut oil and cocoa butter with peppermint to cleanse your hair and smooth your hair shaft. She's small but mighty; Mintasy won't weigh you or your hair down.

Please note: Damage control is currently going through a name change and will now be known as Mintasy. The product you receive may differ to the product pictured - there are no other changes to the product besides the name.

  • 100% soap-free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair
  • Minty fresh scent with real peppermint oil
  • Equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo

# plastic free # vegan # cruelty free # sustainable # palm oil free


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