Blend Aroma Sticks By Aromatherapy Co

Size: Caramel
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Our aroma sticks require no liquid to fragrance your home. Simply place into our holder to fragrance your room with luxury and opulence.

Diffuse two different fragrances simultaneously to create a layered aroma blend. With six aromas to choose from, create over twenty blends by taking half the sticks from each fragrance and combining in your glass blend holder.

Blend Aroma Sticks  Pack 6 Sticks


Sheer indulgence and luxury with delectable whipped toffee crème spiked with lavish spiced star anise and enveloped in the welcoming warmth and allure of                  Dutch tonka bean


Addictive and deep. Enriched with a medley of white-flesh peaches immersed with aromatic amber musk, layers of creamy melted Tahitian vanilla bean and wild honeysuckle blooms.


Woven layers reveal the crisp blend of cotton linen, freshly folded from line-drying in the summer sun. Entwined with jasmine absolut, vetiver, woods and a soft warm seaside breeze.


An effervescent nostalgic aroma of sweet summer Cola amplified with the original flavours of citrus oil, zested lime and indulgent creme caramel. A modern twist on a classic favourite.


Distinct and raw, encompassing the depth of a rich roast. Lavished with notes of freshly ground beans, bitter dark chocolate, warmed almond butter and caramelised figs.


Romantic, charming and composed like an elegant bouquet of flowers blooming with exotic stems. White gardenia, rose and orchid create a modern interpretation of the classical floral.

 Keep unused aroma sticks inside the airtight bag. Depending upon atmosphere, each aroma stick will diffuse fragrance for approx. 30 days once opened.

Aroma Holder sold separately




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